Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Release Day & #BookReview of "Burned by Magic" by @jasmine_writes

Author Jasmine Walt's debut novel Burned by Magic is out today! Woot! I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reading copy, and let me tell you, I am really excited about this new series.

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In the magical city of Solantha, being a hybrid is risky business--especially if you're half mage. Then it can mean your death. Sunaya Baine, a half-jaguar, half-mage hybrid, has been hiding her true nature most of her life, but when a magical mishap puts her at the mercy of the Chief Mage, Sunaya's world is turned inside out. Her investigation of a string of related silver poisoning murders is put on hold while she's held captive at the Chief Mage's castle until he decides her fate.

This was a fun, fast read! The world-building was well done, the characters diverse, and the action top notch--as well as the sexual tension. Sunaya is a snarky badass, with her many weapons, her steambike, and her fiery attitude--what's not to love? Her interaction with the two very different worlds--the human/shifter real world and the mysterious world of the dangerous upper-crust mages--will pull readers into the heart of Sunaya's struggle and make them realize that nothing is ever as black and white as it appears from one side of the fence.

If you're into snarky heroines, murder mysteries, kickass fight scenes, wild new worlds, and a dash of romance--Sunaya is your girl!

About Jasmine Walt...

I'm a devourer of books, chocolate, and all things martial arts. Somehow, those three things melded together in my head and transformed into a desire to write. Usually fantastical stuff, with a healthy dose of action and romance. My characters are a little (okay, a lot) on the snarky side, and they swear, but they mean well. Even the villains sometimes.

When I'm not working on my next book... well, honestly there's not much else I do aside from writing because I ghostwrite as my day job. But when I'm not chained to my keyboard you can find me working on my dao sword form, spending time with my family, or binge-watching superhero shows on Netflix.

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