Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Best/Worst Week Ever #AllOverThePlace #WriterWednesday

The interwebs has turned my heart into a Ping-Pong ball this past week…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that David Bowie has left this world, just a few short days after the release of his latest album, Blackstar. 69 is much too young. He was supposed to live forever. As a child of the 80s who adored him in The Labyrinth, and so much after that, I was very sad to hear the news. I drowned myself in all the tributes, getting weepy eyed and nostalgic. Here are a few of my favorites (including one for the most spectacular paper dolls ever).

On to less melancholy things… I just read the latest issue of the Jem and the Holograms comics by Kelly Thompson, and it’s amazing! It actually takes place just before the Christmas special that was released out of order, so if you haven’t read that one yet, grab #10 first. And if you haven’t begun the series yet, you can get the first one for FREE on Kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZAKFU32

Also (excited SQUEEE!) this podcast interview with Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon about writing music together and their inspiration (Shawnee’s mentions include Ani DiFranco, another SQUEE!) is pretty fantastic and you should check it out: http://kutx.org/this-song/shawnee-kilgore-joss-whedon-daisy-oconnor

More fun things coming up soonish:

Off the Beaten Path 2 will be release by Prospective Press on Feb. 2. Yay!!! It features The Coal Miner’s Demon, a short story that I wrote. It’s not set in the Lanaverse, but I had so much fun with it! It’s dark and gritty and has demons! (Which you may have gathered from the title.)

The World of Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. chapter for the D6xD6 RPG created by writer and award-winning game designer Lester Smith, is slated for a March release. Woot! If you’re a gamer who’d love to visit Limbo City, you’re in luck. I’ll be posting links all over the place on release day, but until then, here’s a link to the D6xD6 core book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/D6xD6-Role-Playing-Game-Core-RPG/dp/1505680530

That’s all for now. I better get back to Ghost Market. These books don’t write themselves!



  1. YAY! Long week here too! I will have to grab Off the Beaten Path 2....maybe as a read for our trip south. Sadly not to Missouri to see my fav author. #lanaandbub

    1. Awwww! ♥ Hope you have a great trip, even if it isn't to see me. ;)

  2. I just realized this week that David Bowie was the age of my mom and Mick Jagger is the age of my father. How did THAT happen? You are a super busy girl! Keep up the good work! I finally downloaded the Jem comic. Thanks!

    1. Alan Rickman was 69 too. :( What is going on in the world?!? Hope you enjoy the Jem comic! I think they rock! :)


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