Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#New Release: Death at First Sight (Spero Heights Book 2) #TuesdayBookBlog

It's Release Day! Woot! Death at First Sight (Spero Heights Book 2) is finally out, and I'm ready for a nap. : P

 Lia James would give anything to be normal.

Struck with horrific, daily visions of death isn’t what any sane person would consider gifted. Her only consolation is that Sheriff Saunders, her shady keeper, does what he can to change the outcome of her visions—at least, the ones that might lead to a swanky promotion.

Christian Delph is not a normal doctor, and his patients’ maladies are not found in the average medical journal. As the head therapist of Orpheus House in Spero Heights, he sees everything—and usually before it happens. The one thing he didn’t see coming was Lia, and all the ways she would turn his fragile world inside out. 

FAQs about this book:

Q: Do I have to read book 1 first?

A: Nope. This series is specifically set up so that the titles can stand alone. Each book follows a particular couple in alternating, 3rd person POV. There may be some slight spoilers, but nothing that should confuse readers as to what's going on in each book's central plot. (Though if you're unsure, feel free to grab Blood Moon (book 1). It's available for 99¢ right now, at most retailers. : )

Q: Why are the books in this series cheaper than the Lana books?

A: The books in the Spero Heights series are shorter and can often be read in one sitting. It seemed only appropriate to make them available at a lower price. 

Q: Why is this book only available on Amazon and not through my favorite retailer???

A: This is me timidly sticking my toes in the water. I finally decided to give Kindle Unlimited a try. For at least the first 3 months. This means I'm under an exclusive contract for now. But fret not--I'll be posting links in December with details on where to find Death at First Sight everywhere else.

Okay. Happy reading everyone! On to the napping segment of this morning... xoxo 

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