Monday, May 2, 2016

#MondayBlogs #BookReview of Worth Dying For (Dying for a Living book 5) by @KoryShrum #amreading

Guess who has a new book out this week? Well, yes, I do too, but that's not who I'm talking about. Today is the release of Worth Dying For, book 5 in Kory M. Shrum's Dying for a Living series! Squee!!!

I LOVE this series. It's for reals in my top 10. Jesse is so spunky and raw, I just can't help but love her to pieces. Book 5 hits the ground running and doesn't stop. I so can't wait for book 6. Typity type type, Kory! : P Just kidding. lol (but seriously, it's coming soon, right?)

My official #review of Worth Dying For: A masterful collection of all the best things—action, suspense, romance, and a dash of humor!

Book 5 of Shrum's Dying for a Living series picks up shortly after the end of book 4. Jesse, Ally, Maisie, and the rest of the gang finally understand that life as they knew it is over, and despite the depressing and terrifying reality that the end is nigh, they are all grasping for some shred of happiness as they stay under the radar and hatch their next plan of action. Jesse and Ally's relationship finally evolves into something more. Maisie begins to understand her true value and the weight of the choices she will soon have to make. Rachel and Gideon make some critical moves toward defeating Caldwell, and Gloria and Monroe shake things up with a soul-wrenching mix of horrifying premonitions and hopeful possibilities.

The story is fast paced with lots of unexpected twists and turns, and the end left me desperately longing for the next book. I’m still holding out hope for a happy ending, even though it seems nearly impossible at this point. A fight this big just doesn’t go down with everyone emerging unscathed… or on the same side where they began.


So yeah, 5 stars all the way! If you're new to Kory's series, fret not, you can fall in love with Jesse and company for FREE in book 1 on Amazon HERE.

Kory M. Shrum lives in Michigan with her partner Kim and her ferocious guard pug Josephine. She is very fond of naps and foods made of sugar, which is, as you can imagine, a deadly combination. But she tries to compensate for her extreme physical laziness with her overactive imagination. She's an active member of SFWA, HWA, and the Four Horsemen of the Bookocalypse, where she's known as Conquest. She's the author of five contemporary (and somewhat dark) fantasy novels in the Dying for a Living series: Dying for a Living, Dying by the Hour, Dying for Her: A Companion Novel, Dying Light, and Worth Dying For.

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  1. I agree 100%. The series is one of my all time favorites and Kory's ability to avoid formulaic fiction keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.
    If there was a mold for zombie genre books, she shattered it years ago. It is a definite 5 star book and I am going crazy for the next one already. I had an arc and still read it on my Kindle the day it came out. I rarely read books twice which is a mark of amazing writing on its own. November can't get here fast enough.

    1. I enjoy re-reading Kory's books also, and I can wait for November too! :)


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