Monday, April 4, 2016

Grab You Scythe! It's Time to Visit Limbo City! #RPG

I think every author daydreams about seeing their novels on the big (or small) screen. There are quite a few of us who also fantasize about seeing our characters and worlds brought to life in other ways. Sometimes that translates into some super cool swag, like the Purgatory Lounge and Ambrosia Ale beer glasses I do giveaways for on occasion.

(Psst! These will also be available at the new online store I'll be launching this summer. Woot!)

And sometimes awesome game designers, like Lester Smith, creator of the D6xD6 RPG, reach out and invite you to be a part of their world. (Did anyone else sing that in an Ariel voice? No? Just me?) Anyway... Lester's popular D6xD6 RPG is constantly evolving as he adds new expansion chapters, often set in worlds from fan favorite book series. The latest of which is set in the world of Lana Harvey. Squeeee!!!

Lana RPG D6xD6 core book Lana Chapter I had a blast working with Lester on this project, and I'm so excited to play in Limbo City! I hope you are too. : )  If you give it a go, drop me a line and let me know how your campaign fared. I'm anxious to hear what you think of the expansion chapter. And if you're new to D6xD6, the link for the core book is above too. You can also find a digital set of the core book rules for FREE on the D6xD6 website. Lester has already taken the Lana chapter (available for 99 cents) for a test drive at Gary Con, and it sounds like it went over quite well. : )

Okay. I better get back to work. Only a few weeks until Ghost Market, Lana Harvey book 6, is released, and there's still editing and marketing details to attend to. Eeep! Happy reading and gaming!


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