Friday, August 5, 2016

When I think about books, I touch my shelf.... #BookShelfTour #AmReading #Books

This has been requested a few times, and I think I've dragged my feet long enough. It's just so hard to whittle down a list of books I love most. There are too many, and I always fret that I'll leave some vital, life-changing read off the list, and then I'll spiral into a neurotic depression for my thoughtlessness... okay, that might be stretching it a bit. Just a bit.

Anyway, I've decided that instead of a set list of top 10 or top 100 books, I'd just snap a few pictures of my office shelves and share those. This is by no means my entire collection. There are a few additional shelves and cabinets crammed full of books (the angle was just too awkward for a picture), not to mention my kindle library (full of awesomeness), and then there are the magical reads I tracked down via library because I couldn't find them elsewhere for a decent price. Seriously, how could so many gems go out of print? Curses!

So here we go... pay no attention to my dust. That's a cleaning project for another day.

If you've been following me for a while, then you might recognize this as the desk I built a few years ago to accommodate my book habit. As you can see, it has served me well. These are the books I always have at arm's reach. Literally. My laptop fits in the cozy nook just below the fancy Keep Calm tags hanging in front of my calendar.

I won't detail every last book you see here (because that would take for-fucking-ever) but I'll at least do a quick rundown. The center 3 shelves are reference and writing books. There are a handful on marketing, and several on screenwriting, and then the dictionaries, thesauruses, and style books are right in the middle, along with several books on various languages, including Latin, German, Italian, and Chinese. There are a few additional books crammed in there that don't fit in these categories, but that's likely due to lack of shelf space elsewhere. Or laziness.

To the left, you'll see some of my favorite leading ladies of urban fantasy, including: Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse series), Vicki Pettersson (Zodiac series & Celestial Blues series), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson series), Jeanne C. Stein, Lilith Saintcrow, Tonya Hurley, Kelley Armstrong, Kory M. Shrum (the Dying for a Living series)...

To the right, there are more kickass ladies, including: Kim Harrison (the Hollows series), MaryJanice Davidson (Undead series), Laurell K. Hamilton (Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series). And the bottom shelf is anthologies that contain stories from most of these ladies too.

 This lovely beast of a shelf is vintage. My husband's grandfather built it long ago, and I love it dearly. What you can't see (and won't, because my office floor is covered in inventory boxes) is the enclosed cabinets on the bottom portion of this shelf, that I also have stuffed to max capacity with more books.

On the left side, you'll find some of my favorite dude writers, including: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Jasper Fforde, Jim Butcher, George R. R. Martin, Charles de Lint, and Christopher Moore. Kevin Hearne would be over here too, but his books are on my kindle.

In the center, you'll find some more research books--but these are on vampires. You'll also find some vampire books by J. R. Ward, Anne Rice, and more. Below that are my favorite classics, including: Alice and Wonderland, a giant-ass Shakespeare collection, Dante's Inferno, some Thoreau, Emerson, and Whitman. Lots of good stuff. 

To the right is a menagerie of religious books, ranging from Christianity, to Paganism, to Atheism. Half of this collection is tucked away in the cabinet below, but I keep my favorites on this shelf for easy access. 

This is my little fantasy corner. I keep Holly Black's books and my Brian Froud Oracle set up on the shelf with Miss Mermaid and the butterfly tea set. The colorful bottles serving as bookends were bought from a wonderful lady named Suzi who owns the Gypsy Folk Shoppe in Millersburg, OH. On top of the bookshelf (this one was donated by my mom during an office makeover) I have a collection of trinkets and illustrated fantasy books on fairies, mermaids, unicorns, wizards, and other magical things. 

Here are a few more dude writers I admire: Gregory Maguire, Dan Brown, Daniel Quinn, Ray Kurzweil. Mary Roach is mixed in there with them. These genres are a bit different from what I keep on my other shelves, lots of non-fiction and science goodies, so they ended up here. 

On the bottom shelf, I have more epic high fantasy, lots of Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jacqueline Carey, Robert Jordan, and more. The Harry Potter books are tucked in the back there too, but I have everything doubled up, so you can't see. Apparently, I need another shelf. But where to put it?

So that's the bulk of my bookish loves. I hope you enjoyed this little shelf tour. I hope you found something familiar that made you feel kindred, and I hope you found something new and exciting too!

Happy reading! xoxo


  1. I love your fantasy corner, love that you love Dan Brown and Gregory Maguire.

    1. Thanks! I think my Dan Brown collection is pretty complete (though some of the books may be hidden in back), but I'm still making my way through Maguire's work. The Wicked series was fantastic! The musical was great too. I'm a HUGE Wizard of Oz fangirl, so anything related is guaranteed to make me squee. ;)


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