Monday, May 23, 2016

#MondayBlogs Recap of @PlanetComicon in #KansasCity

I can't even begin to tell you what a total nerdgasm this past weekend has been! Well okay, I guess I can, considering that's the whole point of this post. I've been to MileHiCon in Denver, and RT in New Orleans and Dallas. So I really don't know how it's taken me this long to attend Planet Comicon in Kansas City, just 3 hours from my home. It was amazing! We're looking forward to coming back next year, and hopefully every year after. : )

Paul and I arrived late Thursday, just in time to set up on the show floor. We were immediately distracted from our task by this little guy...

R2!!!! ♥.♥ 
Friday at noon, the doors were opened and the convention officially began! I was at my booth for the most part, which was really hard since there was so much to see, but at least the view was entertaining.
 A few of the sights from my little nook of the con.

 There were quite a few Deadpools, but this guy really nailed the personality too!

Is that not the most adorable Hermione ever???

More Star Wars! And a Harley Quinn. She was even more popular than Deadpool. ♥

So many of my favorites! SQUEEE!!!
Paul's biggest squee moment. lol

There are more photos on my Instagram account--that's right, I finally joined Instagram! Find me HERE for more Planet Comicon pics.

Friday night held an extra serving of awesome when our friends Alice and Ian met up with us to check out Kevin Smith's Q&A that lasted until MIDNIGHT. It was incredible and inspiring, and I was completely blown away. As expected. ♥ 

Saturday evening was the Writing With Momentum panel, with me, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and Ellie Ann. It was a lot of fun! The time flew by too fast, and we didn't get to answer everyone's questions. So if you attended the panel (or even if you missed it) feel free to send your Qs to me at angela@angelaroquet.com  I'm sure Dayton, Kevin, and Ellie would love to hear from you too, if you have questions for them. : )

I saw a few familiar faces on Saturday and Sunday, and then we had a long drive back to the lake. Today we're relaxing and snuggling our kiddo. Tomorrow is set to be a big day. I'm launching a new online store that will have signed books and, eventually, fun swag items like the beer glasses I occasionally order for giveaways and contests. Woot!
Hope you had a magical weekend wherever you spent it. : )


  1. I was so excited for you! Loved the pictures. Hoping you got some new Lana fans, and Spero Heights. And of course you!

    1. Thanks! It was a blast. :) Can't wait to make it to one up your way!

  2. I am so glad you had a great time!! Looking forward to the new online store :). Hope people fall in love with Lana and Bub and Gabe and the rest like I did :)

    1. Thanks! ♥ I'm excited about the new store, but I'll be keeping the Cafepress one open too. There are just too many neat things on there--like tote bags and flasks. :)

  3. Boy, I missed out for sure! Looks like a blast. Next year, I'll be there!

    1. Yay! Maybe we can do a panel together! :D


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