Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Badass and the Beast #BlogTour #Giveaway Day 2

For those of you bumming over the long wait until the October release of Death Wish (Lana Harvey book 5) fret not! Lana and the gang make an appearance in the Badass and the Beast anthology—which is now available on Amazon and Kindle. Woot! 

Last year, Kory Shrum and I decided to embark on an epic adventure: co-editing an anthology for charity. We, and many of our fellow authors, have a soft spot for furbabies (or feathered/scaled babies), so theming the short stories around beastly companions was an easy call. Then Kory found the Animal Welfare Institute and checked them out on Charity Watch (A+ rating!) and we were set! The stories we received were fantastic and so very diverse. They also inspired me to redesign the cover several times until it reflected that diversity. 

My contribution to the anthology is a Lana Harvey short story titled “Hair of the Hellhound.” It takes place right after the events of book 4, and it features Saul and Coreen, Lana’s loveable hellhounds. Lana, Gabriel, and the hounds visit the Drunken Dove Brewery in Summerland, where Gabriel’s beer of choice (Ambrosia Ale) is made. I’ll be including the beer glass shown below in the swag giveaway items you can enter to win via the rafflecopter (also below). Be sure to check out all of the badass authors blogging through the tour for more goodies and ways to win! 


The Badass and the Beast Blog Tour Schedule

May 5th            Kory M. Shrum
May 6th            Angela Roquet
May 7th            Kathrine Pendleton
May 8th            Monica LaPorta
May 11th          Mikel Andrews
May 12th          Shelly M. Burrows
May 13th          Liz Schulte
May 14th          Jason T. Graves 
May 15th          Jasie Gale



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    1. I think I may like these even more than the Purgatory Lounge glasses! I'm hoping to have some more bar wares available soon on the CafePress store. : )


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