Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back from the Backwoods

It's out!!!!! OMFG it's out. Backwoods Armageddon, the novel I coauthored with my sexy man beast of a husband, is now available!


Wow. It felt like we took a chainsaw to this manuscript and then put it back together with duct tape and bailing wire. Which is oddly fitting, considering the genre.

Back cover blurb:
The fit’s about to hit the shan...
You won’t find zombies down around Ivy Mills, where the Miller family lives in the Missouri backwoods. What you will find is a tornader that puts Dorothy’s gale to shame, earthquakes, floods, vandals, terrorists, and a merry band of rednecks who brave the storm together in search of higher ground and the kind of freedom you have no choice but to give your life for.

So, yeah. You should totally check it out. It's a pretty fast read. The print version is around 150 pages. And the ebook is only 99¢ Cain't beat that!

Some fun facts you might enjoy....

The toughest part about writing this particular book: using bad grammar in the dialog to stay in character. Every single yer and git made me cringe.... and giggle at the same time.

Top 5 Google searches for research:

1) How to hot-wire a car.
2) How to fix a radiator... (with black pepper!)
3) How many miles per gallon does a '72 Winnebago Brave get?
4) What's that wind guard/speaker thangy called on a Harley?
5) How to siphon gas without drinking it.

Yes, we know these are all vehicle questions. Yes, we found answers for them all. And no, we don't intend to test them all out (just in case the NSA is reading this).

Some really trucking lucky videos we came across:


Another really cool thangy we found while doing research... Vintage pamphlet for the '72 Winnebago Brave we used in the story.

And here's a little map overview of the journey the Millers and Co. took through the story...

And here's a few other little tidbits we found during our research....


 Are you freaked out yet? We are! Guess you better go find out if the Millers made it through Backwoods Armageddon! ; )

Oh! And we'll be signing copies at the RT book convention in New Orleans next week! If you're attending or in the area, come find us! We'd love to visit with you, preferably over a hurricane (the beverage-- just to be clear). 


Love, peace, and jerky!

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