Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year FREEBIE & News

Hey! Happy New Year! .... a couple weeks late. Yeah, so you can see how well my resolution to blog more is going. lol

I intended for this to be a vlog (Is that word even used anymore?), but now that my kiddo can vault over his playpen, he pretty much has full run of the house, although he prefers hanging from my head and limbs like Curious George. Plus, the tech guy is here to switch us from Dish to DirectTV. Fingers crossed that all goes well, because BITTEN premiers tonight on Syfy!!! 10pm EST, but I'm CST, so that's 9pm for me. Woot!

I'm a big fan of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series, so I'm giddy right now! I got to meet Ms. Armstrong at the RT Booklover's Convention back in May of last year, and she was super nice. She was moderating a panel for Teen Day. To be honest, I'm not a huge reader of YA, but I've been getting into it lately. So last night, I picked up The Summoning, the first book in Armstrong's Darkest Powers YA series. I meant to read for 30 minutes, and then write for 2 hours before bed.... instead I read for 4 hours, until I finished the book at 1am. Then I had to go grab the second book out of my office and read the first few chapters... so no writing for me last night. I'll play catch up today... and reward myself with more reading tomorrow. hehehe

In other news, Graveyard Shift, the first novel of my Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series, is FREE on Kindle and Smashwords (for all other formats) through the month of January. If you're suffering from the post holiday spending blues and haven't already checked out the Lanaverse, enjoy the freebie! 

I've already started preparing for the next RT convention this May in New Orleans! I'm moderating a marketing panel with my husband and coauthor, Paul Ross, as well as authors Lisa Kessler and Sierra Dean. Should be oodles of fun, and I can't wait! I'll have a few crafty videos to share in the near future, since there are some fabulous costume parties, and I have some fancy things to design for them. Plus, there's lots of fun giveaways coming up for the New Year, and that resolution to blog more, so check back soon! 


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