Friday, December 6, 2013

Crazy Little Baby Man

I really thought I'd have all the time in the world to blog after I finished my degree a year ago. But about that time, my kiddo hit the toddler phase. Xavier was a phenomenal baby. He'd hang out on the couch with me and breastfeed in between me typing on homework, a novel, or the monthly real estate guide I design. Most of the time I was still able to continue working one-handed. He really was the sweetest, happiest little guy. Not that he isn't sweet and happy now. It's just that since he's figured out how to walk (and subsequently run and crawl and open things), I'm finding that I require more and more coffee... and hours in the day. If anyone knows the location of a vat of chemicals that could help me develop time-freezing super powers, hit me up. I've weened Xavi off the boob, so at least I don't have to worry about said chemicals affecting my milk supply.

I love my kiddo. I love that I get to work from home and spend all day with him. It's not without it's challenges though. Today, I woke up with a tiny elbow in my spleen. It took half an hour to balance my checkbook this morning, because a million kisses were in order. Oddly, I was entirely uninteresting once I finished with the checkbook and was ready to play. That baby radar is no joke. As I type this, Xavi is relieving me of all the mac-and-cheese on my plate. (I can count this as dieting, right?)

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good...

Things have been especially trying through Xavi's terrible twos because his language skills are developing slowly. Crazy, right? With as much as Paul and I gab, it's really a shocker. No, we haven't had his hearing checked, and we see no reason to. You can whisper the kid's name from across the room and he turns around. And he understands when we tell him no or when we play peek-a-boo. I'm not getting too worked up about his pace yet. I know several people who didn't start talking until they were three, and Einstein was four. It just makes it hard for him to communicate with us, and then he gets frustrated, and I get frustrated for him. He's developing just fine otherwise. He's very mechanical and his motor skills are spot-on. He's even started changing the oil in my car. Okay, not really. I'm hoping those motor skills come along soon though too.

I'd like to start blogging more, and hopefully before my kiddo starts preschool. I think I'm just a guilty person by nature. I can't seem to focus if I feel like I'm not making enough time for my little guy. Mix in the time I spend writing, reading, editing, doing graphic design, marketing, networking, and all the regular, boring activities like exterminating dust bunnies and scrubbing toilets, and well, you get the picture. That's how I end up blogging once a month (if that). I'm a little better with Facebook and Twitter, but not much. I need a set schedule. I need a New Year's resolution... that I actually stick to. I need one of those coffee enemas. Okay, that might be taking things too far.

Well, it's taken nearly two hours to do this blog, because after eating my mac-and-cheese, Xavi decided that I should be wearing him like a hat. I love this little guy to pieces. And if I have to get a Five Hour Energy IV to keep up, then that's what I'll do. Until it comes to that, I'll save nap time and the extra hours I should be sleeping for working on the novels, and continue to blog when I can... while wearing a Xavi hat and drinking beverages with questionable looking toddler backwash in them.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! And I'll do my best to check in again soon, hopefully with some new giveaways and freebies before Christmas! : )


  1. Enjoy this time, because it is gone before you know it. Wish we could get together more and let Paige and Xavi play together :( maybe someday...keep up the good work Momma, you're doing a great job :)

    1. I'm enjoying every minute! Even with the backwash. lol We definitely need more play dates! Is Paige in preschool now? If not, maybe we can plan something next week. : )


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