Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Survived the Prombie Apocalypse 2013!

It has been eleven days since the Prombie Apocalypse in Sedalia, MO, and I still feel like I'm recovering. lol We had such a great time!!! Here is a brief history of how this event came to be... since you're all in for a round two next year!

Back in July of this year (2013), my honey and I were hanging out in Grand Central Station (a.k.a. our living room) and we were discussing my new book, Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend, which was due to release in October. I have three other titles out in my urban fantasy series, Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc., but this was going to be my first YA novel. I wanted to do something BIG to celebrate the release. In the past, I've always done book signings and blog tours. (btw There's a blog tour for Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend going on right now! I'm giving away a paperback, a few ebooks, and a $20 Amazon card. Check it out HERE.) I wanted to do something more to commemorate this new genre I was diving into, and I also wanted to do something nice to give back to the community I grew up in. With it being so close to Halloween, and the novel themes of zombies and prom, the idea of the Prombie Apocalypse sprang forth effortlessly. Also, with the Sedalia Public Library preparing to move back to their original building, after the big remodel, raising money for new books seemed like a worthy cause. My honey, being the supportive and adventurous guy that he is, said, "That sounds like a swell idea!" So our work began...

After finding a venue (the Convention Hall at Liberty Park), we secured insurance for the event. Then we began hoarding decorations and other party necessities (i.e. raffle prizes, crowns for the Royally Undead Court, table centerpieces, fog machine, brain jello mold, ect.). Next, we commissioned one of Sedalia's favorite karoke DJs, Char Mickle, and a photo booth from Turpin Photography. We had tickets and flyers printed. We also reached out to the SFCC vo-tech Graph Design class, and they did a tee shirt design challenge for the event. We talked to the radio and newspaper about our plans. We also sought out some fantastic sponsors! 

Sponsors and raffle donors include: Sedalia Reader's World, Stone Laser Imaging, Kay's Bridal & Tuxedo, The Academy of Salon Professionals, The Gallery Salon & Spa, Preferred Properties, Formal Affairs, Woods Supermarket, The Sedalia News Journal, 92.3 Bob FM, Precision Paint & Auto Body, and Pepsi

As with any event this big, there was the last minute hand grenade. In our case, it was the insurance, one of the first things we secured. We received a call 4 days before the event stating that underwriting had decided they couldn't insure us. They had even sent us a certificate the month before. : ( So we ran around at the last minute trying to find new insurance. Most places told us it was too short notice for them to put together a bid. When we were just shy of heart failure, Ahrazue Wilt with American Family Insurance in Sedalia came to our rescue! She even found us a great price.

Everything finally came together, and we had a great time! Here are some pictures and a final shout-out to all the fantastic people and businesses who helped us make the night a huge hit!

So there you have it. Come join us on the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PrombieApocalypse 

We'll be discussing themes for next year, music selection, and also, as with this year, we'll have the court nominations and tee shirt designs up on the page for voting! You'll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale. Can't wait to see you all again next year for a spooky good time!

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