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OTBP Blog Tour & Giveaway | Author Interview: Jason Graves

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Today, I'd like to introduce the man who put together our haunting collection of short stories. He's been a blast to work with! : )

Jason T. Graves lives in North Carolina with his family and a menagerie of small, domestic animals. He takes his coffee black, and, when he is not conducting mysterious, mad-scientist experiments with his students, he writes mysterious and beautiful fiction. Many years ago, he was punched, only once and very lightly, by Muhammad Ali.  Jason is the author of the Noctivagas Chronicles and the novella On the Bridge.

Q. Vampires? Werewolves? Ghosts? What's your favorite flavor of supernatural and why? 

A. Vampires and Fey seem to have carried the day for the moment, what with The Noctivagas Chronicle (Blood Roses and Morning Stars) and On the Bridge. However, I enjoy other paranormal and supernatural critters and characters, such as angels and demons, ghosts and spectres, and Nephilim. I can't abide with lycanthropes though, because shape shifting would be a biological nightmare of epic proportions... and besides, that much hair is kinda gross. I enjoy writing about vampires because the whole phenomenon of pale, elegant, blood suckers is fascinating from a scientific
scientific stand point: how could biologically tenable vampires exist? That's a question that drove the story development in The Noctivagas Chronicle. Of course, no scientific treatment of the undead would be complete without some magic and mysticism thrown in for good measure, so I did that too. I'm not really keen on the whole ghoul-like vampires or zombies -- I swore I'd never write a zombie story -- although I have three ideas for stories that directly relate to zombies. Go figure! Oh, and never say never... it'll come back and bite you on the butt. 

Q. Do you dabble in other genres besides paranormal? What kind of stories come to you most naturally when writing? 

A. I mostly write about people and how they relate to each other and react to life-altering circumstances. As such, I can write across genres, and I do. I have written science fiction stories, and I have story ideas for Chick Lit and New Adult stories, and a dark, urban fantasy. I even have a couple of ideas for children's and elementary-grade books. I never want to be genre typed. 

Q. Are you an outliner or an organic writer? 

A. I am definitely an organic writer. I let my characters (aka, my subconscious) write much of the story, then come in and organize stuff with the conscious mind. I generally write the outline near the end, just to keep everything straight -- especially as my novels comprise a series, which requires more diligence. My subconscious mind is very clever, and I often don't find out just how much until months after I have written some things. It's fun to have those, "Ah, ha!" moments when I discover just how clever I am, haha! 

Q. Where do you do your writing? Do you have an office, or do you frequent a favorite coffee shop? 

A. I do the bulk of my writing at home, in my office. If I tried writing in a coffee shop, I'd be fat from all the lattes and pastries. I do write, on occasion, in my favorite book store. It adds symmetry to my life, and makes me feel like Harlan Ellison. 

Q. What are you currently working on? 

A. Um... I have about six irons in the fire at any given moment, but I've been spending most of my limited time on Mars Rising, the sequel to Morning Stars. I have also started working on the novel to follow On the Bridge, my novella about a possibly insane young black woman (Gretchen Thyrd) and the Fey who love and hate her. On the Bridge is a bit of an awesome story that I fear is being woefully under read. 

Q. What question do you wish someone would just ask you already?

A. I wish someone would ask me what my favorite flavor of ice cream is already. If you ever meet me at a convention or a book signing, just come up and ask me! I will tell you! Only, you need to be prepared to buy me some ice cream afterwards :) 

Thanks for visiting my blog today, Jason! And thank you for bringing us all together for the awesomeness that is Off the Beaten Path

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