Friday, October 4, 2013

OTBP Blog Tour & Giveaway | Author Interview: D. R. Johnson

It's day #4 of the Off the Beaten Path blog tour & giveaway, and today I'd like to share some more about author Debra Johnson with you! Debra writes under the name D. R. Johnson, and she was also part of the big indie book giveaway that I participated in earlier this year. She is the author of The Pheonix Curse Saga, and her short story To Darkness I Fall was featured in Off the Beaten Path.

Debra resides in Texas, one of my favorite places to visit! So I'm hopeful that we'll meet in person one day... and maybe do a book signing together! : )

Q: Vampires? Werewolves? Ghosts? What's your favorite flavor of supernatural and why? 

A: I love them all and sometimes my favorite can sway, but right now I love anything to do with angels. I don’t know if that’s QUITE considered supernatural, but I love a good story of the tug of war in heaven and the whole mythology behind it. Besides, what girl can resist a good ‘fallen angel’ story? Angels are totally the new vampires.

Q: Do you dabble in other genres besides paranormal? What kind of stories come to you most naturally when writing? 

A: I will dabble anywhere my mind takes me, but about 50% of my writing is dystopian/apocalyptic stuff. The other 50% is split between paranormal, chick-lit and fantasy.

Q: Are you an outliner or an organic writer? 

A: Well, not going to lie, but I had to look that up. So you know what that means? I’m organic, baby. I let myself drift in the story and see where it takes me. There is no outlining. The story does what it needs to do while I’m just the tool typing. Then I’ll rein it in during the editing process. I love writing. I hate editing.

Q: Where do you do your writing? Do you have an office, or do you frequent a favorite coffee shop? 

A: Unfortunately, I do not have a retreat I can escape too. My desk is in the middle of the living room (AKA; Grand Central Station) and there’s always something going on during the waking hours. So, I wait till everyone else is asleep and then take advantage of all the quiet time. Although I wish I could, I know I could never write in a coffee house. I tend to talk to myself, act out motions and, occasional, yank on my hair. I just don’t see that going over well.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: I am just about to release my second installment in The Phoenix Curse series. I actually pushed back the release a couple weeks so I could focus some attention on the release of OTBP. The Phoenix Curse has been pretty time consuming and I don’t see myself working on another big project until I get everything wrapped up, and that might take a few years. 

Thanks for visiting with me, and good luck with your next book! Can't wait to read it! : )

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  1. D.R. Johnson is my mom and it makes me so happy to read this even though i can just ask her my self. It just fells different seeing it were everyone else can :-D

    1. Hi, Arreis! I think it's super sweet that you're so proud of your mom! I think she's pretty awesome too! : )


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