Thursday, October 3, 2013

OTBP Blog Tour & Giveaway | Author Interview: Monica La Porta

It's day #3 of the Off the Beaten Path blog tour & giveaway, and today I'd like to share some more about author Monica La Porta with you! I "met" Monica earlier this year, when we were both part of a big indie book giveaway. She is the author of The Ginecean Chronicles and the fairytale The Prince's Day Out. Her short story Home Wet Home was featured in Off the Beaten Path

Q. Vampires? Werewolves? Ghosts? What's your favorite flavor of supernatural
and why? 

A. I like vampires because they are the most elegant creatures among the paranormal pantheon, but I also love a good ghost story once in a while. 

Q. Do you dabble in other genres besides paranormal? What kind of stories come to you most naturally when writing? 

A. I mainly write love stories in the dystopian/science fiction and fantasy variety. The paranormal short I wrote for the anthology Off the Beaten Path is a first for me. I enjoyed the experience greatly and I feel I’ll be writing more paranormal stories soon. 

Q. Are you an outliner or an organic writer? 

A. Very organic. Although, I’d like to be an outliner. My production would increase tenfold. As it is now, my writing modus operandi resembles the walking path of a beagle. Never straight and with lots of breaks

Q. Where do you do your writing? Do you have an office, or do you frequent a favorite coffee shop? I have an awesome setup in my kids’ recreation/media room. They are grownup and don’t need it as much anymore. Only problem with the arrangement is during weekends, when they and their friends are home. Although, I shouldn’t be working during weekends and holidays… 

Q. What are you currently working on? 

A. I am writing Notturno, a fantasy novel set in a world where people are divided between nocturnals and diurnals. At the same time, I am also working with my two editors on three different projects. Two are companion books about the story of Gaia & Elios, a girl and an alien thrown together by fate and Etruscan findings. The third is Marie’s Journey, the final installment in The Ginecean Chronicles. 

Thanks for visiting with me, Monica! And good luck with all of your exciting projects!

Thank you for having me, Angela. 

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