Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wieners! The Giveaway Results Are In!

Out of 773 entries in the FOR THE BIRDS blog tour giveaway, the following bookworms were selected. Congratulations!

The grand prize of a signed set of "Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc." paperbacks and a $25 Amazon card go to: Chihuahua Zero

Let me tell you, I am really curious about that name. I've nearly outlined six novels fully detailing possible origins for it. "Chihuahua puppy falls into a vat of chemical X and becomes, dun dun dun, Chihuahua Zero!" I picture him in a cape. It's glorious. If you're reading this, mysterious grand prize winner, please feel free to share the story of your name. Inquiring minds want to know.

As for the ebook winners, we have the following five civilians, who I envision being rescued from a burning building by none other than Chihuahua Zero

Joanne Balinski 
Samantha Alyssa van Petersom 
Alison Flores 
Desiree Reilly 
Pam Howell

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Be sure to come back soon! I'll be giving away more books and such in a June blog hop that I'm participating in called "For the Love of Mythology." It should be super fun! And there will be lots of other books and swag from other authors too! Also, if you're a fan on Facebook, I have a poll going right now, asking YOU what your favorite author swag is. So go let me know what tickles your fancy in addition to books.


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