Sunday, May 12, 2013

M&Ms and Coffee: The breakfast of a best-seller!

I had M&Ms and coffee for breakfast, because it’s Mother’s Day. That’s why.

This whole past week and weekend has really been ten thousand times better than I could have ever imagined. I was really freaking productive, and to top it off, the free Kindle promotion for GRAVEYARD SHIFT was a complete success! My husband lovingly refers to it as the greatest f**k up ever. I had 2,000 rack cards printed up with the Free promo on them, for the WRONG dates. I had intended for the promo to run from Friday through Sunday, but since I put May 8th through 10th on the rack cards, which was Wednesday through Friday, I went ahead and ran the promo for those days instead. If I had put the right dates, “100 Free Books” wouldn’t have found my book Wednesday and featured it on their page. I was also featured on a few other pages, and GRAVEYARD SHIFT was downloaded almost 3500 times in three days. O.O  I watched it climb up Kindle’s Urban Fantasy Best Seller’s list in a matter of hours, until it reached #1 on Thursday!!! It stayed there for a short while and spent most of Friday at #2, but even that was exciting!

Friday, my mother’s secretary told me that they were discussing my books in one of her college classes. One of her classmates said that they were like Harry Potter, only better. What author wouldn’t love to hear that? Really? My books are better than the ones written by an award-winning billionaire author? : P Gotta love hearing that. I’ll be smiling and giggling maniacally about that one for years to come.

I have a nice group of beta readers checking out early chapters of CRAZY EX-GHOULFRIEND, the YA zombie novel I’m working on. Thanks to everyone who volunteered! ♥ Doing a cover photo shoot for it soon. My little sister is my model. Woot! I think she will make a fabulous prombie queen.

I’m so behind on the YouTube channel. I really want to get back on track with the videos. I’m thinking about posting one for the “Draw my life” tag that’s been so popular lately, but how exactly does one get the camera positioned over the dry erase board? I’m thinking I need a fancy tripod for this …. or I could MacGyver something together with rubber bands and shoelaces. Time for mischievous plotting…

Hope all you Mamas out there are having a wonderful Mother’s Day! ♥

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