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"What's In a Name?" Indie Author Spotlight: Jason T. Graves

Today's Indie Giveaway featured writer is Jason T. Graves, author of Blood Roses. Jason is another one of the incredible indie authors who have come together to create the Indie Giveaway going on until March 11th. The prizes in the giveaway are 11 free ebooks, and 3 free print books plus a $20 Amazon card! So let's find out "What's in a name?" according to Jason...


 Jason T. Graves lives in North Carolina with his family and a menagerie of small animals.  When not spousing, parenting, and teaching, he listens to the voices in his head and writes down what they say.  He also thinks that cheese is one of the top ten things ever created by humans.. 


Blood Roses
Vampires aren’t real… right? If they were, Madeline and Marissa Owen would certainly be suspects: bone-white and night-loving—with a proclivity for super-rare steaks—the identical twins are poster-girls for the undead..

On The Bridge
 Gretchen Thyrd stands on the threshold: of adulthood, of independence, of love, of madness… Gretchen is definitely not an average teenage girl. A free-spirited orphan with two foster moms, she spends many of her days rescuing and nurturing injured birds and animals, including some that are a bit otherworldly.

Do you write under your actual name or a pen name, and is there any special meaning behind your name?  
I write stories under my actual name, and play scripts under a pen name.  Special meaning?  Well, taken literally my name means “healer six-foot-deep holes for dead people.”  Make of that what you will ;)

What are the names of your main characters and what can you tell us about them? 
Madeline and Marissa Owen are identical twin girls who are paper white with nearly black hair.  As such, they attract much attention and many names, such as goth, albino, and vampire.  They also burn easily, so the beach isn’t their fav vacation spot. 

Madeline, or Mads to her sister, is a brainiac and a wonderful human being.  She spends much of her time fending of friendly jibes from Marissa.  She—being scientifically minded—doesn’t have a high degree of tolerance for paranormal stuff.  She’s very unprepared, mentally, when the vampires reveal themselves. 

Marissa, or Mars, is much more interested in mixed martial arts than in school.  She reads extensively, but her interests run more toward UFO and bigfoot theories than math and literature.  She feels that it is her place to defend her older, but weaker sister from the “dweebs” in the world.

Do their names have special significance to your story or were they just names that you liked? 
Their names DO have special significance, but that is a plot point that is not revealed until the sequel, so it would spoil the story to talk about it now.

What are some fictional names of places where your characters’ stories unfold? 
Much of the story occurs in the township of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, which is an actual municipality, although many aspects are fictionalized for the story.  The truly fictional place, and pivotal to the story, is the valley and village of PrzystaƄ in the Carpathian Mountains in Poland.  This village is home to a lot of important people and information as Marissa discovers toward the end of the story.

How did you choose the names for your fictional settings? Do they have special significance? 
PrzystaƄ is Polish for ‘harbor’ or ‘haven.’  The significance of the name becomes evident in the last quarter of the novel.

Thanks for stopping by Jason!  I see that your novel is also available in paperback and that you have a novella also? 
You’re welcome!  Thanks for having me.  Yes, the novel is available on Amazon and my website (signed), as is the novella. 

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